Why Access to Capital Matters

Access to finance is crucial for creating jobs, boosting productivity, and reducing poverty. However, Ethiopia’s funding landscape faces numerous challenges, such as limited access to risk capital for early-stage ventures, collateral-heavy loans, and government policies that restrict foreign investment.

Addressing these challenges requires a collaborative effort among government agencies, the private sector, and other development partners to create a resilient capital market system that responds to Ethiopia’s socio-economic challenges and enables local ownership of the country’s economic future.

Our Approach

Strengthening Capital Markets Regulation

Providing technical assistance to supports the development of capital markets and  reviewing policies, guidelines, and regulations that enable new capital markets, products and structures.

Developing the Capital Markets Ecosystem

Developing a well-functioning market infrastructure by building local securities and stock exchanges and expanding access to credit enhancement facilities.

Enhancing SME Access to Capital

Creating adequate financing options for micro, small and medium sized enterprises through increasing the availability of equity stocks, bonds, microloans, and working capital.

About us

FSD Ethiopia is an agency that aims to support the development of accessible, inclusive, and sustainable financial markets for economic growth and development. O


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